By: Janice Harding PNP ASUVCW

Several years ago when riding around the upper reaches of Belair Road I turned down a road the was marked
"Annies Playground". Just about at the junction of the road that lead to the playground, I saw a wonderful old Church. I pulled into the parking lot and right in front of where I parked was a grave stone. There before me was a stone close to the lot. It was a civil war stone. I read Benj. N. Moore C.O.B. 23 U.S. C.I. I could not believe it. I only had a small flag with me so I placed it and stood there for a while. I sang the Vacant Chair. I was overwhelmed. It was like I was directed there. I told the Sisters in the Aux. about it. The following Memorial Monday we were there. We placed Flags on the graves of all the veterans in the little cemetery. I was amazed that there were markers for men from the Civil War all the way up to the Vietnam War. periodically I would stop by hoping to see someone to talk to.
Today I had a double thing happen to me as I wandered. First I stopped at the archery range I had not been to in 30 years. I had a conversation with a very nice gentleman. We began talking about this and that. He saw my Lincoln picture on the front of my windshield. He said "You know I work at the Ford's Theater in D.C. I about jumped out of the car. I have his card and when I go to the meeting of the Sons on the 10th in D.C. I am going to meet him at Fords Theater.
I left there and just wandered around the back roads. I was close to the little Church so I thought I would stop by and pay my respects to BenJ. N. Moore. I turned into the lot and there was a crowd of people having a picnic. They were the members of the Church having a get together to get the kids ready for school.
I asked if the Pastor was among them. Then I said I am one of the people who put the flags on the graves of the veterans. I was hugged like a long lost sister. It was wonderful. I saw the new kitchen they are building, and then I went into the church. We all went into the church. We sang Blessed Assurance, and prayed together. I was thrilled I had finally seen the beautiful old Church. This Church and a sister Church not far away were part of the underground railroad.
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