L to R, Chesapeake DP Rosemary Martin, Chesapeake DVP Barbara Day, and NP Denise Oman bring the greetings of the Auxiliary to the Brothers of the Department of the Chesapeake during their 2019 Annual Encampment in Ellicott City, MD on May 4th
Chesapeake DP Rosemary Martin presents gifts to outgoing Department Commander W. Faron Taylor at the Luncheon during their annual encampment
Auxiliary Council member Holly Taylor chats with DP Rosemary Martin just prior to the Annual Memorial Services during the Department of the 2019 Chesapeake Annual Encampment.
Auxiliary National President Denise Oman speaks to the assembled members at Luncheon, while CinC Donald Shaw and DP President Rosemary Martin look on.
DP Rosemary Martin presents an award to PCinC Mark Day for his support to the auxiliary.

Chesapeake Auxiliary DP Rosemary Martin presents an award to SUVCW Brother Kevin Martin for his support to the auxiliary over the years and his personal support to her.

The ladies and men of the Department of the Chesapeake Auxiliary May 4th 2019
The ladies of the Department of the Chesapeake Auxiliary May 2019

The Department of the Chesapeake Auxiliary leadership brings greetings to the Department of the Chesapeake SUVCW during the Annual Encampment in 2018

Department of the Chesapeake Auxiliary President Rosemary Martin presents a gift to W. Faron Taylor, Commander of the Department of the Chesapeake SUVCW

Department of the Chesapeake President Rosemary Martin presents an award to Brother Barry Famous.

Below are photo's taken during the Department of the Chesapeake ASUVCW Annual Encampment in Lynchburg, VA in April 2014.  The Top photo shows {Left to Right]  JoAnn Velton Department Secretary Treasurer, Anne Blackburn Department President, and Diane Mellor National President as they conduct the business of the Encampment.  The photo below and to the Left is of Sister Ann Lewis being sworn into the Auxiliary by National President Diane Mellorand the photo to the left is Sister K. Thomson enjoying the sent of the rose she was presented by the Commander of the Department of the Chesapeake SUVCW 

Department of the Chesapeake ASUVCW Encampment 2013 in Solomons, Maryland  Left to Right Rear Row: Amy Dinstel, Dorothy Potter, Barbara Day, Anne Blackburn, and JoAnn Velton.  Front Row: Milie Ames, JuliaDinstal, Vassey Dinstel, and Janice Harding

2012 Department of the Chesapeake Encampment 

PNP Janice Harding displays a soldiers memorial for a company in the 1st Maryland 

Gettysburg Remembrance Day 19 November 2011 

Members of the Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War march in the 2011 Gettysburg Remebrance Day Parade.  National President Anne Jaster, seen to Left in purple dress, leads the group and  Barbara Day, Dept. of the Chesapeake Aux President,  in Blue Dress, proudly carries the Department Auxiliary's Flag

photo's by Karen Shaw 

Sister Jan Harding marches alonside  the National Chaplain Sons of Union Veterans, Jerry Kawalski, in the 2011 Gettysburg Remembrance Day Parade.  Sister Jan is a Past National President of the Auxiliary and a Past President of the Department of The Chesapeake {Formerly know as the Department of Maryland}

 Department Encampment Photo's April 2011

 Setting up for the 2011 Department Encampment in Westminster, Maryland 23 April 2011

Activities in the Community 

Sister Department President Barbara Day participated in a Joint Memorial Day Service hosted by the Taylor-Wilson Camp #10 and the Taylor-Wilson Auxiliary in Lynchburg Virginia.  The Service was held at the 54th Pennsylvania Infantry Monument on the Campus of Lynchburg College.

Education Programs for Children 

 On Thursday the 14th of April 2011, Helen Geppi, Ann Blackburn and Jan Harding did a presentation to the Scout Troop of the St. Joseph Fullerton Church, Perry Hall, MD. Helen spoke first to the girls on the life of a Civil War nurse. Her Great Grandmother was a battle field nurse who met her Great Grandfather while he was in hospital.

We shared some of our period hats, shawls and several dresses. The young lady's in period dress were demonstrating the mans bow and the ladies curtseys We wanted to get all the girls involved. We did the famous cake dance from the ball at Gettysburg. It was a lot of fun. We gave the girls who won the spins cookies in a nice container. We did a modified Virginia Reel. Our last presentation was to have the girls lined up as Union Soldiers leaving an open space. We talked of the honor given to the Army of Northern Virginia as they came to lay down their arms. The girls saluted as we rein acted the meeting of John B. Gordon and Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.
A 45 minute presentation lasted more than 2 hours. I know the girls had a great time. It seems the granddaughter of the Pastor of our church was part of the troop. As I was showing the pictures at church on Sunday the Pastor pointed to the picture and said "that's my granddaughter!" He said she could not stop talking of the great time she had and what she learned. There were 15 girls and a number of leaders present.

 Visiting the Veterans Hospital

SUVCW / ASUVCW Meetings 

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