Each year in November the Department of the Chesapeake ASUVCW attends the Remembrance Day ceremonies held in Gettysburg.   One aspect of the ceremonies that  is very important to the Chesapeake Department ASUVCW takes place at the Woolson Monument, of which the Maryland Department is the caretaker.  The yearly ceremony is filled with meaning and invokes fond memories of former Department President and Past National President Celeste Gentiue who raised the funds, which built the monument.  Over the years the monument and the associated plaque which explains our connection have become a place where new members are initiated and old friends gather to remember auxiliary who have gone on to their just reward.

The four photo's above were taken of the 2011 Allied orders ladies Color Guard who were joined by SUVCW National Chaplain Jerry Kowalski and Santa for the Parade through Getysburg.  Those pictured from the Department of the Chesapeake include: Helen Gheppi and Jan Harding

The Garfield GirlsSisters Janice Harding, Anne Blackburn, and Helen Geppi place carnations on the graves of unknown Union soldiers from Maryland; at the National Cemetery in Gettysburg, PA during ceremonies on Remembrance Day 2010

 The Department of the Chesapeake ASUVCW is also well represented in the Annual Remeberance Day Parade

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