Local Auxiliary Photo's

(Above)  Department of the Chesapeake Auxiliary President Rosemary Martin installs the 2019 Officers of the Taylor-Wilson Auxiliary #10  on 10 January 2019

(Above) Department Christmas Party 16 December 2018

(Below) Antietam Dinner 10 November 2018

The Ladies of the Garfield Auxiliary enjoy a time of fellowship during the Christmas Holiday 2012 

[Top]  Taylor-Wilson Auxiliary Sisters (left to Right ) Dr. Dorothy Bundy Potter, Junior Member Julia Dinstel, Amy Dinstel, Junior Member Vassey Dinstel, and Department of the ChesapeakePresident Barbara Day look on as the Lynchburg POW camp Civil War Trail Marker is dedicated in Lynchburg, VA, on Sunday 4 December 2011.  Wreaths were placed on the marker by Amy Dinstel for the Taylor-Wilson Auxiliary and Barbara Day on behalf of the Department of the Chesapeake. 

[Bottom left] Image of the Civil War Trail Marker,   [Bottom right] Dr. Clifton Potter, flanked by the Amerian and Taylor-Wilson Camp flags, stands with the marker and the wreaths following the ceremony.  Dr. Potter, husband to the Taylor-Wilson Auxiliarys' Bundy Potter was the driving force behind the placement of the trail marker.

 On Saturday August 20th, Sister Janice Harding, Garfield Auxiliary, stopped by the church pictured here with the intention of visiting the grave of a United States Colored Infantry soldier who is buried there.  Janice was surprised to find that the congregation of the church was holding a event, so she introduced herself as the lady who places the flags on graves, and was treated like a sister.

Taylor- Wilson Auxiliary President Barbara Day, assisted by Renee P.,  a student at Liberty University held a demonstration of Civil War era spinning and weaving in support of the Historic Sandusky living histroy day in May 2010.

Taylor-Wilson Auxiliary Vice President Dorothy "Bundy" Potter and her husband Clif attend the primere of the documentary Hunter's Raid: The Battle for Lynchburg at Lynchburg College's Schwell Theater in May 2011 

Taylor-Wilson Auxiliary President Barbara Day, 1st row 2nd from right, attends the Lincoln Cushing Camp's Annual Memorial Day Celebrations at Arlington National Cemetery

Sisters Barbara Day and Kris Herbst enjoy a laugh during the Remembrence Day Ball at the Eisenhower Inn

Taylor-Wilson Auxiliary President Barbara Day presents the groups newest sister Jennifer Thomson with a membership badge September 2011

Members of the Taylor-Wilson Auxiliary attend the Taylor-wilson Camp #10's  3rd annual Lincoln Birthday Dinner

The Sisters of the Taylor-Wilson Auxiliary co-sponsored a Memorial Day Service with the Brothers of the Taylor-Wilson Camp 10.  Chapter Vice President Dorothy "Bundy" Potter [pictured above] and Chapter President Barbara Day [right] participated in the ceremonies, which honored 11 men from the 54th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment who died during the Battle of Lynchburg in on June 18, 1864

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